No Sign Up

As a Guest, you don’t have to Sign Up before you send a Transfer.
Simply go to Send a Transfer and get started.

How it Works

For more information about how Transfers work, go to our How It Works page.

Guest Limits

Our Guest limits are:
USD$250.00 for cards,
USD$250.00 for cash without identification,
USD$1,000.00 for cash with identification.

Social Media

As a Guest, you can use the social media you use every day with your friends and family to send Transfers.


Our decentralised blockchain technology is secure and encrypted to protect your funds and your privacy.

Anytime, anywhere

We support a wide range of laptops, PCs, tablets and mobiles in your language and in your currency.

Payment Options

Pay for a Transfer in your local currency with cash or card.


Friends and family can cash in their Transfer in local currency for cash with a Local Partner in their country.

Become a Member

Become a Member for higher limits, and so it’s easier when you come back next time.