What We Do

Our Community sends Transfers to friends and family on social media.

Who We Are

We are a Community made up of Guests, Members, Local Partners, Community Partners and Exchange Members.


Guests are welcome. Send a Transfer as a Guest without needing to Sign Up.


Members are the heart and soul of our Community.

Local Partners

As a Local Partner, earn additional income when you support our Community in your country. Any Member can be a Local Partner.

Community Partners

Become a Community Partner to set up a group of local Partners, and to provide the technical and administrative services which develop and support our Community.

Exchange Members

Become an Exchange Member to own Tigereum digital currency in your digital wallet on our Exchange.

Community Rules

Our Community is governed by Community Rules We also have a Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy. The standard terms of agreement between you and a local Partner are set out in our Standard Terms.